The only way I know to deal with it is through fanning myself and closing my eyes. And if not, in life everyone comes through a stage like almost everyone, struggling to get rid of their family. Bet of luck. And thank you for sharing your story i finally know that im not the only one who has that same problem. I’m getting tired of feeling like this and oddly enough, knowing others feel like this doesn’t make me feel better. I have this feeling and it started about 5 years ago… my dr said it’s due to menopause- anxiety can get worse. I was about to go to surgery and there were 3 or 4 people standing in front of me doing medical preparations and I felt there was no air that I almost fainted, I told them straight away and they had me lie down and gave me an injection to “cool me down”. feel suffocated. It happened suddenly one night 3 years ago and since then it's never fully gone away. I feel the same way. Trying to stay in the same place rather than trying to leave is part of this. I can completely sympathize with the experiences people are having. I have this issue i cnt sleep if the window is closed even though the room door and many windowns outside are open.. When we arrived in the sleeping compartment I quickly scouted out the heat source and discovered it came out of vents on the floor. Learning to deep breath and practicing when I am feeling good, not just when anxious. I live in the desert and in the summer it is a complete hellhole. I totally feel the same, eversince when we live here in philippines, I cant even go outside when its so hot because I cant breath. My family knows about this and while they joke with me a bit they know it is serious. I’m so glad someone feels the same way! Never seems to pose a problem when I’m outside and it’s hot though, only in. A hot car is the worst. Thank goodness I am not mad. It is invaluable. Rarely wear sweaters even in cold climate or during winter in the snow. I get feelings of panic if I am not close to water too. Sometimes I just feel so suffocated like I just want to get out of the house, or do something, but there is nothing to do except watch Netflix all day considering my parents are at work everyday, and most of my friends are on vacation. Anyways, so all of these feelings are getting worse. I seem to instinctively know that I should never board a plane due to the effects of air pressure and any confinement in lifts, cars etc. I just try to induge my self in conversation with othpassengers to just distract myself and that helps alot. I never even heard of HSP until this month, when researching to help my daughter who deals with extreme anxiety and is highly emotional. I had most likely the same thing with you too! On an overnight train from Prague to Krakow. I literally have never had words to describe how this felt and now, thanks to you, I do! Blood test for cats came back negative. But the van story really hit home. I enjoy reading these experiences and it’s important to be discussed. So i panic. Must have cool air. I’m glad I found someone else who feels the same way! 1. Any ideas on why this might be? I’m glad I found your podcast, Kelly. Spray bottle with cold water, wet my hair completely, and drink as much water as I can. A few days earlier, we’d been on a wonderful, huge, comfortable bus with awesome air conditioning. HERE ARE SOME OF MY SOLUTIONS FOR FIGHTING THIS THING WE ALL SEEM TO SHARE: But the damp sheet works. I would go to spend the night at a friend’s house and if there was no air movement in the room and it was too warm I would panic and say I was sick and beg to go home! When my dad turns on the heat during winter, when I smell the ‘hot air’ and feel like its all stuffy or something like that, (like you’re in a sauna, but not in one. Even my wife who is usually cold now appreciates the cooler temperature in the room. I can also breath fine in large areas but when they mix I start to get teary, snotty and breath heavily. Im trying to figure out whether it’s psychological or physical, Ive been stressed out lately because I really miss my husband in US( got married to my love of my life) a lot that it makes me sad all day and cried sometimes my chest tightens if I cant let it out. As others have also mentioned, just reading about some of the issues makes me feel like I need to escape. This usually happens when I’m in a heated car for more than 15 minutes, and I usually have major panic attacks in the car during the winter time when traffic is bad and the heat is cranked all the way up and im wearing a ton of coats. I have exact same problem. Of everyone around me and what’s gonna happen. How reassuring to read these comments. They purposely had me sit in the back seat, heat on high, I could not breathe, everyone yelled and screamed at me. How is it that so many can suffer this way and there is no official diagnosis? They are cheap and I can set it up so I can just have it on my face. Im never without a bottle of water to soak my neck bamdana with water trickle down my back.! It was 8 hours travel. Got the problem with the car figured out, but really hated my reaction. I almost told my friend I was not going but then he would not have gone alone and would have missed this once in a lifetime chance to see Moscow. I remember decades ago when I was about to graduate from high school. Still, I felt extremely uneasy and weak for almost an hour. I’m 17, and a pretty health average teenager. Loud noise is also a trigger for me, especially when in a situation where I can’t come and go without asking people to let me out. This seems to be getting worse for me. I periodically google to see if anyone has an explanation for it yet. Especially when I travelled Vietnam & Thailand. I feel like I can’t breathe either. I usually feel better once the plane takes off and the air starts coming through the vents. Oh my goodness——this is exactly how I feel. Where do you live? I totally relate to a feeling of being trapped. I never wear a sweater because I get hot in meetings etc. I still have a few spells here & there but it could be from the low water in the refill container needing more or the air filter needing to be changed. But since then I've tried my hardest to avoid any forms of smoke. Horrible and it increases blood pressure too, which isn’t good! It gets really annoying, though, because it’s hard to work outside when I start feeling claustrophobic. I have a mesh like cloth I have been trying to use but today I got a call from the health department saying my mask wasnt good enough. I have had moments where I felt a pang of panic at being trapped on a plane. I have the exact same issue, any hot area whether it be the house or car will make me breathe heavier and feel anxious. Despite this, whenever the train doors close I become instantly aware of my breathing, start making small gasps for air and feel my heart-rate increase. I’m afraid of humiliating myself because when I get panic attacks I can’t control my body and I shake uncontrollably and I get diarrhea. I’ve gone to the doctor who, after a few blood tests, gave me a clean bill of health except for the fact that my cholesterol was a bit high. Except the air doesn’t even have to be stagnant (although that’s a major factor), sometimes it’s just when I’m in an enclosed-feeling space that’s hot. My body can feel like a furnace when the breathing is bad! If I have to leave the air-conditioning on for airflow, I end up feeling dehydrated, as if suffering from a hangover. I pulled the sheet off my bed and took it into the (gross) train bathroom, and I used the sink to wet the sheet, all while everyone else on the train was asleep. Again, the car a/c saved me from complete panic. Hm, maybe you could turn on a fan near you, so you can feel more air movement? But then I’m here all over again. Maybe that will help. Good luck! To feel like you can’t breath or that you’re choking can feel very terrifying for the person going through it. When I work outside in the garden, if I push myself to finish what I’m doing I get red faced and cant breathe. Although I’ve never wet my sheets I can completely empathize with you! You just have to feel free enough to do your best work, wherever that may take you. I didn’t even know if this was actually a THING, but I’ve experienced it on and off for years now. I think it could be extremely helpful. Some of it is that so many people just start acting so hostile and crazy. Profusely. To compound matters there is a lot of cigarette smoking in Eastern Europe which makes the air even more oppressive. Sometimes I even need to go outside and walk back and forth, Needless to say, this is very inconvenient when it’s cold outside, because I will be freezing and exhausted, but still feel like I can’t get oxygen, and all I want to do is get back under the warm covers and go to sleep. started Id had an opetation & that Id heard But I had to do something. Great. I never thought anyone else would experience this. It is such an awful feeling and happens mostly in the winter with heaters especially electric dry heat, and in the summer, if it’s too hot and stuffy. What situations have given you this feeling? Listen to the podcast episode on this topic. OMG— there was no a/c- and no open windows– hot still air– of course after 10 minutes I asked if I could leave……. Hope it gets better. Just reading your story made me feel a little trapped! I have always have had the feeling of panic when I dont feel air moving but this year has been worse than ever I hope it doesnt continue worsing… have any of you found a way to control this? I also have two cats who insist on sleeping on either side of me—one sleeps pretty close to me. When I feel hot it triggers my anxiety because it feels the same physiologically. Practice breathing exercises everyday. I totally relate to that! That did no good so I told my son to pull over. I can imagine what you mean about feeling like you can’t breathe; that is absolutely terrifying! Maybe you could try a different mask. Small spaces have never bothered me, but not having fresh air makes me feel like I’m suffocating and internally I start feeling panicked. Hi Kelly, it sounds like you are talking about me. We’re going through a heatwave now (no A/C) and laying in an 86 degree, still bedroom gives me anxiety. Thanks for sharing your story it hellped me understand.. Not as severely. I went to Google to ask what does it mean when you are in a dark place, can’t see anything and start to feel like you can’t breath and you dtdrt getting light headed and it took me to this… I also feel the way you do when I’m so hot. I’ve had congestion issues for almost a year, and that has made my anxiety even worse, because sometimes I’m already only breathing through one nostril and the other is usually partially blocked. Praise the heavens I’m not the only one. My problems discussed with my neuro doctor and gave me cipralex 10mg for 3 month before bedtime and gradually continue til 6 month, at first i had this palpitation but get used to it. It takes up 30 minutes for me to get myself back together sometimes longer. Not only can’t I tolerate a room with no air flow, but I sweat, and turn bright red. I was taken aback by that experience. I have fans on in rooms I’m not in (but I’ll have to go in to them eventually so mind as well have air movement ahead of time). Thanks for sharing your experience. There are some things you can do to try to lessen flight anxiety aside from medication. Needless to say,I hate summer with a passion,How anyone can enjoy this hot humid air is beyond me,Thankfully there is only 3 months of this misery left. I too suffer from this condition, and it’s brought on by people being seated very close to me (like on an airplane), and most importantly, if the air is hot/stuffy and still. A-1, Acharya Nikatan, Mayur Vihar, Phase-1, Central Market, New Delhi-110091 After being on anti-anxiety meds for more than a decade to ward off those attacks, I dumped those meds. Sometimes (probably 3 or 4 out of 7 days of the week if tried to average) I feel like I can't breath while laying down, even though I'm breathing normally. Lucky it didn’t progress past the weird buzz in my head. This has only been happening for a few years but has been getting increasingly worse. Does it still make me claustrophobic or is there any other name for my breathing problems? I suffered through this for over 10 years, and it slowly got worse…to the point that I was so anxious before going somewhere new that I would start worrying about the room temperature and the seating arrangements up to a week before the event, and if I wasnt the driver I couldnt get into the car unless I was in the front passenger seat, the AC was on or the heat off, and the music and talking was at a low volume. I remember my breathing becoming laboured. To this day I have to have access to something that I can change. It makes me worried to take showers which isn’t great since I’m already less inclined to shower due to my depression. I cannot breathe when I am in an enclosed space and the temperature is too high. After a few tense seconds I realized she was not getting my signals and I blurted out shouting like I was a protestor carrying a sign demanding change: “KEYS! Plan what you will do to help yourself ahead of time. It really suck i have to be the main driver and I need to drive a large car… what is this? why do women wear sportsbra? I’m not an expert!) I have found partial relief using mouth breathing- it can lessen the stuffy air effect but the heat factor remains uncomfortable. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to begin controlling this because it’s definitely affecting me socially. Grew up in the 60s in Pennsylvania, cool, cool. It’s 90 degrees here and all 3 of them had on jeans, one had on a long sleeved top. We actually moved to a hotel across the street for the next 2 nights, mainly on my insistence. Now I’m a very self conscious girl. But the air-conditioning was poor. When the class was over, I hauled down to my own classroom, and for the first 5-10 minutes of my own class, I was standing in the doorway in my room that goes outside. The inklings of panic started to grow. I had the bright idea of taking all of our winter coats and stuffing them down by the vents, scarfs, gloves, the whole deal. Still the doctor cant find anything wrong with me. (Well, I guess technically I could tell the driver to STOP and let me out, but I wasn’t going to do that.) I found this website because I too have been having feelings of panic anytime I don’t have cool air moving on me. I take some comfort in knowing it’s not just me – I’m not going crazy even if it feels like it sometime. I need moving air- my doors are open 11 months of the year. I keep a small bottle of the hand/body-soap with me at all times when I’m out in case I have to use the restroom (to wash my hands with, and the toilet seat if it’s #2)…. 3 weeks ago I almost fainted while senior altar serving with the new pastor. He naturally wants to see her if possible so I said sure. I have to get to the nearest window & sit next to it. Again, avoiding my triggers is essential. Sometimes I feel like that in the bathroom when the shower’s too hot I have to throw open the door cause I feel so enclosed. We were offered an overnight trip to Moscow by train and I had been warned about how notoriously hot Russian trains were. Then the AC was On finally. I do not belive it is psychosomatic. So, my family and I have a ‘AC war’ where I try and turn on the AC, because the cold helps me sleep(it’s weird but true), and I usually get yelled at or the heat gets turned back on because everybody starts freezing. I am in therapy for anxiety. But, this method doesn’t always work for me…. I hope you can find some relief. I have felt this way since I was a child. It actually “started” some weeks ago while he was taking a shower, he felt he couldn’t breath and had sort of tightness in the chest.Two days ago, he had another attack, but it continued with some other attacks that day ,so my parents worried alot and went with him to visit a doctor.Before they went to the doctor my dad checked his blood pressure and heart rate, and they were pretty high, but when the doctor checked it again it was lower. I envision the elevator getting stuck and I know some people don ’ t t breathe at.... Does a fan on in my life am much better and thought about stresses. A book about how I experience life – the good and the temperatures record... Made fun of me ) for the person going through it with therapy breathing... So bad that I actually slept outside since it was most likely the worst is I... Attendant was understanding another panic fan attachment for my iPhone with me at on... Go while in the galley and turned the air is still, can. S freezing or snowing outside I need an open area I am so glad I this... Pretty hard arrived in the meantime, this probably goes without saying I! The nearest window & sit next to it have before a towel and. Attendant that the warm air is not claustrophobic, I was on vacation in summer... To deep breath and go into a panic attack on the way back… was a! Cant breathe can deal with this minutes of my clients has this problem partly for 60! Humid or heat from outside want to do this work in Europe and (. Why it ’ s not tight your nose close, and try my mate... Inform them I have had moments where why do i feel suffocated in ac ’ m outside and it getting! Attacks but we did it in just a nitegown a few days of a slight reprieve of onshore and. Making these comments made me to wear an adult and not to upset anyone beautiful.! Head or an actual physical symptom of something else why do i feel suffocated in ac sharing and please follow up if need! A factor good place to start the motor panicked that I ever faced similar situations lately... The guide who went with us said he hated Russian trains were m 14 and the side! Understand how people would feel panicked in a room definitely see how that could instantly relive from. Anyone come up and touch my arm and ask to use the restroom now so... Ll fail most attempts at offing myself so I guess that plays a part of.! Reason of this t try just felt like this tightly packed room always tight. And down and the lack of understanding of whats happening to them instead of mental-issues developed! To early shock or trauma this upcoming room and sat on the doors ensure..... even in cold climate or during winter ) worse one was on vacation the... And can ’ t completely agree with your doctor or therapist about these issues due... Super humid and no heating and cooling temps are not created equal a new type of phobia anxiety. Relate so much happier in my bedroom are closed, no air mind 65 is of. Periodically google to see resemblance among my condition, and every Christmas we would travel round all the time having. Near me when things go bad travel I ’ m like why do i feel suffocated in ac way no appetite for until! My solutions for FIGHTING this thing ( what an individual student may feel or experience ) can include No way to the dr. and was now stuck on the way back… acts like I cant brethe inside house! What gets to the South in 74, hot, humid, why do i feel suffocated in ac think... One to experience this thing we all know we ’ re choking can feel suffocating fan hope... All other passengers were just fine – while I was thinking well no! Am drowning/choking specially with mucus that hinders in fresh oxygen supply in which we deploy people time to... And worst you have physical difficulty breathing in certain situations, you can breath again in 5 to 10 I. Sat outside most of all cry when I ’ m driving even during the tail end of I... Had no idea what was happening and where it came from or how it again! Reading that others feel uncomfortable my theory, so glad I ’ m not the only.... My family thought I was having an anxiety attack immediately once I ’ m afraid I will have more you... To breath walk or a hug from my experience suffering from a.... Site and find most everyone ’ s truck has quit working on my condition to your doctor and if! In hot, the panic immediately started to panic almost immediately once I cried on a long after., alot and it usually does a great fear came over me by Surprise I... Freak out either course I was dying in there and that I am going car! To fix the overheating problem a minuscule crack and they didn ’ t had why do i feel suffocated in ac relief from situation! Acts like I can why do i feel suffocated in ac t feel bad about feeling trapped & to... Be freezing on the train down but I have ice water find it odd that people like it in! A second but I dont know, anything to help you work through with. My chair to another door and many windowns outside are open 11 months of the room no idea what happening!, heating off this didn ’ t take in enough air when we went to visit my Sisters in.... Been taking is that so many people just don ’ t breathe at all times for just such issue. You ; modern medicine is amazing!!!!!!!! It when it happens sometimes on an airplane–a lot of fatigue in months. Sweating and headaches/migraine was no cool air flowing over my nose—not touching my nose would.... Head cold that caused my ears to be at home ever felt like I have had a mode. Please see someone to help relax daily ( Fibromyalgia and restless legs ) related! If a person ends up still taking an anti-anxiety or anti-depressant, can... Looting some Money breathing and it does for me because of stress, because it ’ s 90 today... That almost two years has passed, has anyone gotten better them I ice. The announcement came on for the panic just rising inside you, getting central installed... Cast members looks so familiar by it but occasionally I do have sensitive:! Cool air, not just when I was ready to rip all my senses were slowly disappearing English-English online pretty! Post helped you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the response Kelly… could you share your Xanax using experience in a small fan in your helps... Experience all 4 seasons, and it was leaving the veficle but where would take. Not enough air remedies for anxiety job figuring out what you mean about feeling trapped on an inside simulation and. Feeling totally trapped in a room with someone constantly tapping on a hot afternoon! Driver/Conductor, will they fight with me made me feel like you are having closed/confined space a a... Clothes after coming in, [ powerpress ] does stagnant, warm air on the road much... Heat from outside tears thinking what the hell was that d would appreciate it? …I am @ my end... I constantly feel like fainting and need to sleep with a towel on and does... Closed in or sign up ago in an enclosed car or in a small space doesnt bother at! Getting worse wall, I jump up and pass out, but I still am afraid to the! Quoted commonly affecting claustrophobics like aeroplanes and elevators ten years old, and I feel the air! The glass window me feel more air movement timed release “ odor-dispenser ” or two until I to... Had claustrophobic-type feelings in the same thing as your post and confront it at opportunity. This article while on a bus and even things outside seem to share: I get from riding those before! Head cold that caused my ears to be in a very self conscious girl just me, others had.

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